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Agenda and Minutes

Parish Council meetings are held around the middle of the month on a Monday except August when no meetings take place. Meeting dates are published on the meetings web page.


Full Council Meeting Agenda

The next meeting is on 16th March at the Crowhurst Village Hall at 7.30pm - pdf icon Agenda MARCH [144kb]


Minutes are available for download in Word format. If you require older minutes, please contact the clerk.

Note the latest minutes may be marked draft , in which case these have not yet been formally approved by council and are published for information only.

Council does not meet in August.

2019-20 Minutes and Financial Reports

pdf icon Minutes Feb 2020 [194kb] Draft Minutes  pdf icon Finance report Jan 2020 [82kb]

pdf icon Minutes Jan 2020 [187kb] pdf icon Finance Report December 2019 [81kb]

pdf icon Minutes Dec 2019 [160kb] pdf icon Finance Report Nov 2019 [76kb]

pdf icon Minutes Nov 2019 [170kb] pdf icon Finance Report Oct 2019 [78kb]

pdf icon Minutes Oct 2019 [163kb]pdf icon Financial Report September 2019 [82kb]

pdf icon Minutes Sept 2019 [162kb] pdf icon Finance Report July-Aug 2019 [80kb]

pdf icon Minutes July 2019 [186kb]word icon Finance Report June 2019 [93kb]

pdf icon Minutes June 2019 [182kb] word icon Finance Report May 2019 [98kb]

pdf icon Minutes May 2019 [188kb] word icon Finance Report April 2019 [88kb]

word icon Minutes April 2019 [75kb]  word icon Finance Report March 2019 [103kb]


2018-19 Minutes and Financial Reports

  word icon Minutes March 2019 [73kb] word icon Finance Report Feb 2019 [104kb]

word icon Minutes Feb 2019 [75kb] word icon Finance Report Jan 2019 [103kb]

word icon Minutes Jan 2019 [71kb] word icon Finance Report Dec 2018 [109kb]

word icon Minutes Dec 2018 [72kb] word icon Finance Report Nov 2018 [104kb]

word icon Minutes Nov 2018 [95kb] word icon Finance Report Oct 2018 [108kb]

word icon Minutes Oct 15th 2018 [96kb] word icon Finance report Sept 2018 [99kb]

word icon Minutes Sept 2018 [75kb] word icon Finance Report August 2018 [99kb]

word icon Minutes 31 July 2018 [48kb]

word icon Minutes July 16 2018 [74kb] word icon Finance Report June 2018 [95kb]

word icon Minutes 18th June 2018 [71kb]  word icon Finance Report May 2018 [94kb]

word icon Minutes Annual Meeting 21 May 2018 [121kb]  word icon Finance Report April 2018 [64kb]

word icon Minutes meeting May 10th 2018 [50kb]

word icon Minutes April 2018 [68kb]   word icon Finance Report March 2018 [99kb]

2017-18 Minutes and Financial Reports

word icon Minutes March 2018 [88kb]  word icon Financial Report Feb 2018 [96kb]

word icon Minutes Feb 2018 [89kb]   word icon Finance Report Jan 2018 [109kb]

word icon Minutes Jan 2018 [62kb]   word icon Finance Report Dec 2017 [104kb]

word icon Minutes Dec 2017 [70kb]   word icon Finance Report Nov 2017 [108kb]

word icon Minutes Nov 2017 [79kb]   word icon Financial Report Oct 2017 [57kb]

word icon Minutes Oct 16 2017 [58kb]   word icon Finance Report Sept 2017 [55kb]

word icon Minutes 18 Sept 2017 [104kb]  word icon Financial Report Aug 2017 [59kb]

word icon Minutes 17th July 2017 [99kb]  word icon Financial Report June 2017 [57kb]

word icon Minutes 19th June 2017 [96kb] word icon Finance Report May 2017 [56kb]

word icon Minutes Annual Meeting May 2017 [173kb] Annual Meeting Minutes  word icon Financial Report April 2017 [51kb]

 word icon Minutes April 2017 [91kb]  word icon Financial Report March 2017 [61kb] 

2016-17 Minutes and Financial Reports

word icon Minutes March 2017 [90kb]    word icon Financial Report Feb 2017 [54kb]

word icon Minutes 20th Feb 2017 [90kb]    word icon Financial report January 2017 [57kb]

word icon Minutes Jan 2017 [76kb]    word icon Financial Report Dec 2016 [56kb]

word icon Minutes Dec 19th 2016 [80kb]    word icon Financial Report Nov 2016 [56kb]

word icon Minutes November 2016 [96kb]    word icon Financial Report October 2016 [59kb]

word icon Minutes 17th Oct 2016 [70kb]    word icon Financial Report Sept 2016 [51kb]

word icon Minutes 19th Sept 2016 [82kb]    word icon Financial Report July-August 2016 [53kb]

 word icon Minutes 18 July 2016 [70kb]   word icon Finance Report June 2016 [57kb]

word icon Minutes PC Meeting 20th June 2016 [128kb]   word icon Finance Report May 2016 [51kb]   

word icon Minutes PC Annual Meeting 16th May 2016 [134kb]  word icon Finance report April 2016 [50kb] 

word icon Minutes PC meeting 18th April 2016 [134kb]   word icon Finance Report March 2016 [58kb]  App A ESCC Cllr Report  word icon Report By County Councilor Apr 2016 [42kb]

Minutes and Financial Reports 2015-16

word icon PC meeting 14th March 2016 [128kb]   word icon Finance Report Feb 2016 [44kb]

word icon Minutes PC meeting 15th Feb 2016 [179kb]   word icon Financial Report Jan 2016 [45kb]

word icon Minutes PC meeting 18 Jan 2016 [182kb]   word icon Financial report for Dec 2015 [44kb]

word icon PC Meeting Minutes 14th Dec 2015 [163kb]  word icon Financial Report Nov 2015 [44kb]  

word icon PC Budget Minutes 7th Dec 2015 [113kb] 

word icon Budget Meeting 7th Dec App A [48kb] 

word icon Minutes 16th November 2015 [163kb] 

word icon Minutes 12 Oct 2015 [163kb] 

word icon Parish Council Meeting Minutes 05 Oct 2015 [123kb] NP Meeting

word icon Parish Council Meeting Minutes 14th Sept 2015 [161kb]

word icon Minutes PC meeting 13th July 2015 [164kb]

word icon Parish Council Meeting Minutes June 2015 [140kb]

word icon Parish Council Minutes May 2015 [187kb]

word icon Parish Meeting Minutes April 2015 [141kb]

Minutes 2014-15

word icon Parish Meetings Minutes March 2015 [135kb]

word icon Parish Meeting Minutes Feb 2015 [142kb]

word icon Parish Council Minutes Jan 2015 [139kb]

word icon Minutes for December 2014 [161kb]

word icon Minutes for November 2014 [176kb]

word icon Minutes for October 2014 [213kb]