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How are Parish Councillors elected?

Parish Council elections take place every 4 years.
If there are more councillors being nominated than seats available (ie. more than 7 nominees), an election needs to be held.
For example; In 2023, an election was not required because all nominations were elected without a contest. An election would have been held if 8 people or more had stood as candidates for the 7-person council.
For further information please contact the Clerk on 01424 830331 or email [email protected] .

Co-Opting Councillors

The Council can co-opt councillors to fill vacancies which arise if seats are left vacant following any election or if a councillor resigns during the term of the council – currently four years.

Crowhurst Parish Councillors

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Geoff Thomas

Chair of Crowhurst Parish Council

Sonia Plato

Vice Chair of Crowhurst Parish Council

Jill Mitcheson

Crowhurst Parish Councillor

John Goddard

Crowhurst Parish Councillor

Koorosh Ashrafi

Crowhurst Parish Councillor

Lynda Roller

Crowhurst Parish Councillor

Sue Laimbeer

Crowhurst Parish Councillor

Gilly Lowe, Parish Clerk

Clerk of Crowhurst Parish Council


[email protected]

East Sussex County Councillor

Kathryn Field

East Sussex County Councillor

Contact: 07900 430 471

Email: [email protected]

Rother District Councillor

Chas Pearce

Rother District Councillor

Contact: 07811 438853

Email: [email protected]

Crowhurst Parish Council

Old School House, Brightling, Robertsbridge, TN32 5HH

Tel: 01424 830331