Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan

Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan
REG 16 Submission Documents

This is the final version of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan (CNDP) REG 16 that was submitted to Rother District Council in November 2018.

The Plan and its supplementary documentation and reference material was finalised using the information and feedback collected during the 6 week consultation period (January 16th - February 28th 2018) on the DRAFT PLAN (REG 14 Consulation).

Thank you all very much. Without your support and engagement this would not have been possible. We look forward to a future in our village in which the community continues to come first.

This page will remain public for reference. See below for information about representations made to Rother District Council.

Crowhurst Neighbourhood development Plan - Submission Version 2018 - 2028 Report of Examination March 2019 Undertaken for Rother District Council with the support of Crowhurst Parish Council

Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan

Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan REG 16 SUBMISSION VERSION - November 2018

Supporting Documentation (PDF)

Consultation Statement

Basic Conditions Statement

Strategic Eviromental Assessment (SEA)

Equalities Impact Statement

Appendices (Maps-PDF)

CNDP Map 1 Development Boundary

CNDP Map 2 Important Open Area and Views

CNDP Map 3 Open and Natural Space

CNDP Map 4 Local Green Spaces

CNDP Map 5 Flooding

CNDP Map 6 Community Spaces and Facilities

CNDP Map 7 Proposed Infastructure Improvements

CNDP Map 8 Housing Site Allocations

CNDP Map 9 Proposals

CNDP Maps - Appendix containing all maps above in one file

Supplementary Documentation

Historical Heritage of Crowhurst Nov 2017

Watercourses and Flooding Nov 2017

Crowhurst - A Rural Village Nov 2017

Crowhurst Heritage and Character Assessment 2017

Crowhurst Landscape Character, Sensitivity and Capacity Assessment 2017

Environment Description Dec 2017

Crowhurst Sewage System


Background Documentation

1. Consultations and General CNDP Process Documentation

Site Assessment Policies Paper - October 2018

Stage 1 Site Assessment Summary (EXCEL DOWNLOAD)

Stage 1 Site Assessment Summary - ZIPPED FOLDER - Contains 51 docs relating to each of the originally proposed sites

Local Greenspaces Description and Evidence

Crowhurst Non-Designated Heritage Assets

Open and Natural Spaces Description and Evidence

Car Park Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Letter to Greenhayes Planning re HRA Screening June 2018